The Stroke Survivors Association is committed to delivering a message of hope to Stroke Survivors, care partners, family members and anyone else who is effected by stroke.

What is the Peer to Peer Visitation Program (P2PV)?

The Peer to Peer Visitation Program is an opportunity for people affected by Stroke to talk to others who’ve been there, too.  The program is staffed by a team of volunteers who’ve been specifically trained as mentors for people who have survived a stroke.  This involves family members and friends.  These volunteers are all either living with the after effects of Stroke themselves or have been affected by it in some way.  So they understand how difficult it can be – and can give you the personal encouragement and support you need.  Volunteers provide support by bedside visits on the acute care floor, rehabilitation facilities, community, email or telephone.

Our Stroke Peers is a volunteer support service made up of Stroke Survivors and Care partners who have completed a training program.  The recipients connect with someone who understands.  The volunteer themselves have survived, strived and thrived after their stroke.

We provide support through visits on acute care floors of local hospitals, rehabilitation facilities & community.

Who is the Peer to Peer Visitation Program for?

The program is there to help ANYONE touched by Stroke. 

What help can a Peer to Peer Visit provide?

The Peer Support Program lets you speak with someone who truly understands what it’s like to live after a Stroke and is willing to share their own experiences with you.  They can tell you about their stroke and how they balanced their recovery.  They will be able to help you with questions you may have and if not research answers.

There will be callbacks to people who have been visited if wanted 1, 3, 6, 9 & 12 months after the initial visit if wanted.  We will help navigate you through to Community programs & services.

What are the costs?

The Peer to Peer Visitation Program is free of charge.  All volunteers give their time freely.

Family members or health professionals can refer to SSA (please print Connections Referral Form and fax to 613-237-0650).